Why Cumin Seeds Exporters Want More Protection For Indian Farmers?

India ranks top when it is about the cumin seeds exporters. And in order to sustain this position in the market, exporters of cumin seeds demand more protection for farmers in the country. In the national conference, exporters talk about cumin seed farmers. At present, the export constitutes 62% share in the global market. Speakers at the conference highlighted the need of protecting farmers by distinct means so that they can be motivated to not only keep sowing the crop, but also increase the acreage of sowing.

Why Cumin Seeds Exporters Want More Protection For Indian Farmers?

The conference was held in order to promote the practice of organic farming of cumin seeds and prevent the malpractice in the trade.

Cumin seeds are good for health. These are being used in Indian dishes since eons. Mostly known nas Jeera, it has substantial health benefits and medicinal properties that help in fighting health issues like asthma, indigestion, and cancer.

There are more reasons to add jeera or cumin seeds in your food.

    By consuming a glass of jeera water everyday can aid digestion
    Jeera is rich in iron, so it is helpful for pregnant and lactating women to keep the iron level up in their body by consuming jeera everyday.
    Jeera has potential to fight against asthma and cold. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties.
    Cumin seeds also help beat constipation issue.
    If you have acne problem, drinking cumin seeds tea will help you in treating acne. You can also apply boiled jeera water on acne to get clear and acne-free skin.

Due to so many health benefits, cumin seeds are being included into diet by most of the people across the world. Even Indian cumin seeds exporters are making great profits and ROI in this business. But they want extra protection for farmers in order to motivate them for growing more cumin crop.

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Cumin seeds have a medicinal background and are being used to treat several ailments like diarrhea, respiratory issues, gynecological disorders and flatulence. But recently, experts have discovered another good side of cumin seeds.

Why Cumin Seeds Exporters Want More Protection For Indian Farmers?

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